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Free Pattern: The Gemini Triangle Scarf

MEET THE GEMINI TRIANGLE SCARF The Gemini Triangle Scarf is created in collaboration with Shobha from Serendipitous Wool for The Hook Nook Life.¬† This triangle scarf is the perfect addition to your wardrobe or gift making list for the holidays and birthdays. Make one for yourself, holiday gifts or 50 to sell at your fall and winter markets. The scarf …

The Right Yarn For Your Spring and Summer Projects

Summer is approaching and you’re searching Pinterest for your next summer make. Or you already have many ideas of roaming your head but don’t know the right yarn to bring it to life. Either way, you shouldn’t have to put your favorite hobby on hold because the weather is warmer. With the right yarn, you can keep crocheting and knitting through the hotter months of the year.


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