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9 Things to do for your Creative Business during COVID-19

During the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are stuck at home and feeling the effects of the quaratined on our businesses. I have put together a list of universities, businesses and platforms offering courses and more for you to boost your resume, grow and make your business standout duing this time of uncertainty.

Connecting with Makers and Designers

Hey Everyone! I want to thank Elisabeth for letting me come onto her blog and share while she’s away in the Middle East! Elisabeth is one of the first people that I ever connected with when I joined Instagram so when we were chatting about what topic I was going to cover, connecting with other makers and designers seemed like …

So You Think You Want to be a Pattern Tester?

Testing? Testing!! Is this thing on?? I’ve never been a fan of tests.  They suck.  Even when you’ve studied! BUT!!!  I have found a test that I quite enjoy taking, even when it’s hard! I know it just sounds wrong but trust me, you might be surprised. Let me introduce myself.  I am Izola.  I am a person of many layers …


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