Social Media Series: Pinterest for your Creative Business *Part 6*

Pinterest analytics is available to all Pinterest Business accounts for free. It helps you understand how your audience is interacting with your pins, accounts you have claimed on Pinterest and even provides information about the demographic of your active audience.

You get the opportunity to sort the information provided by device used, organic vs paid, individual claimed accounts such as your blog, etsy shop, Youtube and even your Instagram.

What are promoted pins

Promoted pins are pins created to target a specific demographic. They can be created from previous pins or new images. If you’re creating from new pins, I would suggest looking at high performing pins from your account as to have an idea of what your audience prefers and immulate them for better success.

Understand your Pinterest Analytics

1. Impressions

This is the number of times your Pin has been viewed. This could be through a user’s home feed, category feed, or search.

2. Saves

The number of times someone has saved one of your Pins to a board. This is how new people discover your content on Pinterest.

3. Link clicks

This is what drive your users to a destination — whether that be your website, blog post, Instagram, or Youtube channel.

4. All-time

This section includes an assortment of things dating back to the very beginning of your Pinterest history. Here, you’ll be able to see your most popular Pins, and the content ranked highest in search.

Pinterest Metrics you should be Tracking

To assess how well your content is performing below are seven metrics you’ll want to track on your Pinterest account. Depending on your unique goals, you may want to focus more heavily on a few of these metrics, rather than all of them.

1. Impressions

Measure the number of times your content is displayed. Pinterest impressions include the number of times your content appears in a user’s feed, search results, or a different category feed. They may not have seen it but this how many times it showed up in a search, feed etc.

To get a sense of what your audience is searching for, look for patterns within your content to see which categories and keywords gain the most impressions. If you notice a certain type of pins performs very well, you may want to create more of that type.

2. Repins

This is the number of times someone saves your pin to one of their own boards. This action is more valuable than an impression since it is sharing your pins with others and shows that they found your information to be valuable.

3. Clicks

Determines whether or not your content is driving your audience to your website. This important if your goal is to increase traffic to your blog, website, Youtube and other channels using Pinterest.

4. Top Pins

Your Top Pins will be useful in determining your best content over time. If you launched an extremely popular campaign that resonated with your audience a year ago, you’ll be able to go back and see the actions taken on that content. You can use that information to inform the strategy of your next campaign.

5. All-time stats

To see what content formats have worked for your account in the past, look at your data dating back to your account’s inception. This data includes your most repinned pins, pins that performed best in search, and the pins most engaged with your most engaged with pins of all time.

Like your Top Pins, you can use your best-performing pins to optimize new content and provide your audience with what they want to see.

6. Audience affinities

A breakdown of the categories your followers engage with and the top boards to which your content is pinned. This will help you understand your audience and what attracts them to your content.

7. Saves

A save means that people like your content and are saving it for later on one of their boards while, simultaneously, recommending it to their followers. It increases the reach of your post on Pinterest and may indicate that the user plans on further engaging with the content later.

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Happy pinning!


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