Starting in January of 2019, many BIPOC makers started to speak up about the lack of opportunities, being overlooked, ignored, being treated differently at LYS and much more. As a response many have created lists and pages to feature Black, Indigenous, and People of Color but still I wanted to do something that will help BIPOC designers financially and get more exposure from their community.

Last year’s #bipocmal2019 has been such a success and I have you all to thank for this! I decided to bring the make-along back for a second year with a few changes:

  1. I’m hosting it much earlier in the year so that more of you can take part!
  2. A pre-launch giveaway with some awesome patterns and goodies. Patterns and yarn to get you started… TWO WINNERS!
    1. Crochet
        1. A copy of the In the Forest of the Night Cardi from Elisabeth @desamourdesigns. Crochet pattern.
        2. Handmade wooden hook and (1) 85% Non-Superwash Superfine Merino (18.5 microns)/ 15% Mulberry Silk, Sport Weight, 325 yards, 100 grams skein of yarn and (1) 74% Brushed Suri Alpaca / 26% Silk, 328 yards, 50 grams skein of yarn from Brenshevia @snerbyarn
        3. A copy of Heart Overhead Beanie from Divya @stringtierey. Crochet pattern.
        4. A copy of the Ona Crochet Purse from Yesenia @seniya_studio.Crochet pattern.
        5. A copy of My Favorite Jeans Top from Natalie @detroitknots. Crochet pattern.


        1. A copy of the Aperture Cowldana from Rebecca @ragingpurlwind. Knit pattern.
        2. One skein of yarn from Lizzie @aseaofstones
        3. A copy of the Lesley Tee from Noma @biggerthanlife_knits. Knit pattern.
        4. A copy of Cuddle Weather Cardigan from Gavriella @gavriellamakes. Knit pattern
        5. A copy of Ten of Cups! from Lauren @motherofpurll1. Knit pattern.

3. Some new sponsored prizes from BIPOC businesses

4. And…. one more thing we’ll talk about later.

The BIPOC MAL will still be a stress-free crochet and knit event for yarn lovers and BIPOC designers supporters. The only two rules that apply are:

  1. The designer (s) MUST be Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC).
  2. The designer MUST have 10k or fewer followers.

Starting Saturday, February 1st, casually crochet or knit your favorite Desamour Designs or other BIPOC designer pattern for a chance to win some amazing prizes from BIPOC businesses.

What is a Make Along?

A make along is a virtual party for crocheters, knitters or any makers around the world. It’s an opportunity to try new patterns| stitches and skills, discover new designers, meet like-minded makers, make new friends, work on your make 9, and win great prizes!

The event runs from February 1st to March 31st, but you can join the party anytime. Pick any free or paid pattern from a BIPOC designer with 10k followers and fewer, share your progress on Instagram and/or Facebook, and you’re in the running to win some awesome prizes.


Our MAL sponsored prizes come from:

February 11, 2020: Chanelle from @channypeacorner is offering (2) Queen of Yarn pin; (1) crochet and (1) knit. (2) Winners will be selected!

February 18, 2020: Claudia from @crochetluna is offering (1) gift certificate to her Esty shop to be used towards any (4) pin back buttons. (3) winners will be randomly selected to win (1) copy of her Encanto shawl! THAT’S 4 WINNERS in one week!

February 25, 2020: Apparel maker and crochet designer Elisa from @stringsandcuddles is back as a sponsor for the second year of the MAL offering (1) beanie kit consisting of yarn, (1) pompom and pattern.


March 10, 2020: (1) Handmade notion bowl and (1) 4 oz braid of Merino/Superwash Merino/ Silk from Brenshevia @snerbyarn.

March 24, 2020: (2) skeins of Picking Peaches from Shobha, the small-batch dyer behind @serendipitousWool.


March 31, 2020: (1) #bipocmal2020 stitch markers **super exciting!!!** and (1) skein of Cedar in either Phillis DK or Sylvia Sick from Robin @birchhollowfibers

So… How do I win?

  1. Instagram: Tag your MAL progress photos with #BIPOCMAL2020 as many times as you wish. A winner will be chosen on the days mentioned above and announced in my stories. Your Instagram account must be public to win.
  2. Facebook: Join the Desamour Designs Facebook group and post your progress photos to the most recent MAL update thread. One winner will be chosen at the end of each period and announced in my stories.

Ready? Choose your pattern (s)!

I’m super excited about BIPOC Make Along 2020! I’m crazy excited to see the patterns and designers you discover this year. Find your favorite Desamour Designs and other BIPOC pattern or patterns, get your yarn ready and let the making begin.

Share this image in Instagram stories|feed to let your friends know you’re joining the BIPOC Make-Along 2020 party!

BIPOC Make-Along 2020 IG (1)

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Elisabeth Desamour

Hello! My name is Elisabeth and I am the owner of Desamour Designs. I am a lover of crochet, marketing enthusiast, and an avid reader. I have a degree in Business Administration and will be graduating in 2018 with another one in International Business Administration and a minor in Social Media Marketing. As a crochet designer and social media marketer, my goal is to spread my knowledge and share the joy of creating.

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