Desamour Designs in 2020

Well… what a year… right?!?

With 2019 coming to an end, more than a year will be closing… It will be the end of a decade! I have made some great strides in getting to know you all through Desamour Designs this year and I plan on keeping that growth going into 2020.

With that said, here’s what I have in store for you our next stage in this crochet and blogging journey.

Blog Hop & Pattern Sharing

In 2020, I plan on hosting a few blog hops. What is a blog hop you ask? Blog hops are essentially link parties which are a great way to create traffic to your blog by sharing the link to one of your theme fitting posts on another blogger’s blog. Your post and your blog will have the potential to being seen by the audience of the other participants and host.

I will be hosting a few themed blog hop parties throughout the year starting next month. I will be sharing more on that later in the year but these are the ones I will be hosting next year.

  1. (January) Selfish Crochet Blog Hop: 10 Free PDF Crochet Patterns for your selfish crochet after the holidays. We will be using #makefoyoself as the hashtag for sharing your makes through the month of January and February.
  2. (April) Hello Spring! Crochet Blog Hop: 10 Free PDF Crochet Wearable Patterns perfect for spring.
  3. (June) Home Decor Blog Hop: 8 Free PDF Crochet Patterns to spruce up your home, perfect as housewarming or wedding presents.
  4. (September) Fall Fashion Blog Hop: 10 Free PDF Crochet Wearable Patterns perfect for fall.
  5. (November) Quick and Easy Handmade Holiday Patterns Blog Hop: 20 Free PDF Crochet Patterns perfect for the gift-giving season.

Crochet Make-Along

BIPOC Make-Along 2020: I hosted my first make along in 2019 and loved the support, all the beautiful projects and amazing designers in our community. I will be bringing back the make-along, keep it as casual as 2019 with a few minor changes.

Guest Bloggers Call

When I found out I was leaving for my first deployment in the middle of 2018, I decided to open my blog to guest bloggers. Boy, was it a great idea!

I had the opportunity of meeting some of the most talented and knowledgeable makers, designers and testers in the fiber community. And this is why I’ve decided to open my blog again to you all. check out some of the guest bloggers from 2019 and apply to join be a guest blogger in 2020.

Blog & Social Media Tips Libary

I will be putting together a free library of blog posts covering everything related to growing your handmade business audience on social media and blog tips. This will available to my email list members only and will be covering topics such as taking photos for Instagram without an Insta husband or boyfriend, starting a blog and more.

Charity Project

This is something I’ve been hoping to do for a a couple years now and still haven’t got a change to pursue. I’m going to keep this one in the maybe category for one more year. If I find that I can devote the time it deserve to it, I will create a pattern for a beautiful blanket in collaboration with Welcome Blanket and host an amazing CAL where all the finished blankets get donated to the charity.

What this charity stands for means a lot to me as a first generation U.S. citizen and I want to help support it. In really hoping that this upcoming year will be the right one for me to tackle this project with you all.

Lots and lots of planning to get everything ready for you another great year. I loved reading your feedbacks in my stories and I’m always here to listen. Reach out to me anytime on Instagram and let me know what you would like to what you expect from Desamour Designs.


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    Thoroughly enjoying your blog. Thank you.

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