10 Crochet Patterns for Holiday Market

  1. The Even Moss Beanie by Elisabeth Desamour from Desamour Designs. Available in sizes from Toddler to Adult large.evenmossbeanie_04
  2. The XOXO Cowl by Kelsie Weeks from Crafting for Weeks.
  3. The Eternity Scarf by Renee from Cam and Nae. It’s a very chunky scarf which wraps around twice!IMG_20190119_182412_236.jpg
  4. The Saturn Face Scrubbie by Jill from Gum Leaf Crochet.
  5. Lily Lemon Peel Mittens Pattern by Tahryn from Burgundy and BlushFree crochet mittens pattern
  6. The Bobblehead-Band by Ali from The Turtle Trunk.
  7. Boho Chic Legwarmer by Rose from Loopingly Made.
  8. The Ribbed Pompom Scarf by Annie from Anniegurumi.
  9. The Convertible Beanie and Cowl Pattern by Susanna from Fosbas. It is available in sizes Toddler to adult.image 0
  10. The Tunisian Snowflakes Ear Warmer by Noorain Nizami from Noorsknits. Available from Toddler to adult size.

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