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Why I’m Inviting Guest Bloggers?

Let me be honest with you guys, my military deployment is coming up fast and my new baby (blog) is not ready for me to be gone so long. I will be gone for about a year and will have limited access to the internet and thus, my blog.

I’m inviting guest bloggers & crochet designers to contribute to my blog and help me keep it alive while I’m gone. This is a great way to create links back to your own blog! I’m accepting guest blog post from crocheters in all areas of their crochet journey & with all kinds of experience. Had your blog for a while? Great. Got a brand new blog? This is a great place to start! No blog, no problem.

Below you can read all about what I’m looking for from a guest blogger or designer & also what types of blog posts & designs I’m looking for. You’ll find information about how to contact me & what to include in your application.

What do you get?

Your guest blog post will include an introduction and closing that discusses you as the designer and links to your online home (blog/Etsy store, etc) and one social profile. Social posts will tag you and celebrate you as the designer. I want my followers to get to know you!

Your pattern will be seen by a new audience of crocheters.

You retain the rights to sell the pattern in PDF form and license the pattern to yarn companies and print publications.

What Am I Looking For?

I’m looking for patterns, maker tips, maker journey & tutorials for all skill levels, the only requirement for both is that it’s crochet.


Here’s a list of some topic ideas:
  • Crochet Tutorials
  • Crochet Stitches
  • Tutorials on weaving in ends
  • Tutorials on reading crochet patterns and charts
  • Tutorials on assembling crochet garments made in multiple pieces
  • Any crochet technique
  • Crochet Stitch Anatomy
  • Tutorials & information about crochet hooks
  • Tutorials about crochet garments (How to’s)

But don’t limit yourself to these, when applying pick a topic that interests you.


  • Length requirements: 1000 words (that might seem long, but important for search engine reasons)
  • Keyword: Must have a clear keyword
  • High-quality photos


I’m accepting all kinds of crochet patterns, for any occasion. The pattern should be your original pattern, with some uniqueness. Preferably something that’s “typical” for you & shows off your style.

I’ll need a written blog post introducing your pattern, the actual written pattern and 5-10 photos showing the finished project and any tricky steps along the way.

Modern, on-trend and approachable crochet designs focused on wearable garments, accessories, and homewares.

Patterns will publish March 2019- April 2020, so consider the spring and approaching summer season in the US when brainstorming designs. However, you’re greatly encouraged to think ahead and plan for the holidays late in 2019 and the New Year.


  • Crochet pattern should be tested by at least 1-2 testers.
  • Keyword: Must have a clear keyword
  • 5-10 High-quality photos

If you contribute with a crochet pattern, the rights to your pattern will stay yours. You will be able to offer it as a premium PDF & sell it on your preferred platform (Etsy, Love Crochet, Ravelry etc.).

How does it work?

To become a crochet guest blogger or designer: Please fill out this form.

Give me as much detail as possible. Share your website address & social media profiles.

Don’t have a website? Just an Etsy shop or your social media. Don’t hesitate to send a submission, I might accept your application anyway.

After reviewing your submission I’ll send you an email. If it’s accepted I’ll send you a possible date & we’ll agree on a schedule. Now it’s up to you to produce & deliver your guest post.

Then I’ll schedule it to the blog for publishing & make our co-branded pictures & video to share on social media.

When I publish a guest bloggers blog post I share those blog posts on social media as much as possible & I expect you to do the same. Treat it like you would when publishing to your own blog.

Got questions? How can you contact me?

If you have questions or a blog post idea, don’t hesitate to contact me & we’ll talk.

Apply to become a crochet guest blogger or designer now!

Please fill out this form.

Thanks for taking the time to apply to be a guest designer on Desamour Designs. I appreciate you sharing your creativity with me and my audience. I’ll get back to you on the Friday of the week you submitted your application to let you know who I’ll have space for during my military deployment months.


Elisabeth Desamour

Hello! My name is Elisabeth and I am the owner of Desamour Designs. I am a lover of crochet, marketing enthusiast, and an avid reader. I have a degree in Business Administration and will be graduating in 2018 with another one in International Business Administration and a minor in Social Media Marketing. As a crochet designer and social media marketer, my goal is to spread my knowledge and share the joy of creating.

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