8 Fandom Inspired Crochet and Knit Halloween Patterns

  1. I am a huge Doctor Who fan *I have the tattoo to prove my love and commitment*, but let’s face it, the 4th doctor’s scarf is a little time consuming and overdone.  Try this free Odd Ski Mask pattern from Lilana’s Art Boutique on Ravelry. You can make it with or without the translator orb or create a tiny brain of your own.

2. Keep your costume more subtle but still have a major impact with this free Harry Potter Double knit Scarf pattern from Karen Pritchard’s Ravelry Store.  And what an impact! Look at this design!!! You are sure to be the envy of your fellow potterheads. I need a crochet version ASAP or should learn to knit… nah crochet version lol.

3.  Aspiring to be the Mother of Dragons? Well Sue Caldwell has the perfect pattern for you with this knitted Khaleesi Shawlette.

4.  Be Sherlock for a day or every day with this Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat pattern from Nichelle van der Weide. 

5. Turn your little one into the all knowing Yoda with this amazing pattern from Step-by-Step Patterns. The pattern goes all the way up to 12 months old.

6. Calling all Star Trek fans,the Vulcan Salute Mittens have arrived! The perfect mittens are designed by  Amy at Confessions of a Woolaholic.

Free knitting pattern for Spock Mittens and free Star Trek knitting patterns

7. Get all the words from the One Ring around your neck with this 8″ by 80″ scarf pattern by Diana Stafford.

Related image

8. This Outlander inspired caplet can be made with both knit and crochet with this free pattern for Lion Brand. A whole line of patterns inspired by the series can be found on the website.

outlander patterns




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